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About EMS

Electrical-Mechanical Solutions Group was formed in 2014 with the vision of bringing the Energy, Petrochemical, and Heavy Industrial markets a single-source alternative for all electrical, power generation and mechanical applications.


This consolidated approach enables the realization of our ultimate goal: delivering a superior level of service and value to our Customers through an overall reduction in costs and greater operational efficiency/reliability.


Despite relatively young as an organization, EMS is anchored by leadership with nearly a century of combined experience serving various facets of the Energy industry.


We seek to ensure this expertise is applied with maximum effect by holding our leadership perpetually responsible for executing on the following tasks:

  1. Ensuring customer satisfaction through oversight and management of all employees throughout ongoing work, and
  2. Facilitating the technical and professional development of our less experienced teammates through mentorship.


EMS acknowledges that our employees are the Company’s most valuable resource–as such, we actively seek to attract, employ, develop and retain the highest caliber of talent available by recognizing and rewarding each employee’s added-value to the team via aggressive direct compensation and generous Company benefits.

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