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EMS Group was founded on the basis that our employees and the environment in which they work and live are our most valuable resources. We are proud to call the most experienced and professional personnel, with unparalleled dedication to upholding this vision, our teammates. As such, we consider ensuring the safety and health of our employees and the environment our primary focus and greatest responsibility.

No job is so urgent or so important that risking accidents and/or injuries by not taking the time to work safely is ever justified.

At EMS Group, we operate in adherence to the following policies:

  • We are committed to ensuring that our employees are provided with a safe environment in which to work
  • Our operational standard is zero safety, lost-time, and environmental incidents
  • We promote a culture of personal and peer responsibility such that each employee exercises responsibility for themselves, their peers and the environment
  • Safety and environmental performance is a standard for employee assessment, and we expect our employees to:
    • Take the required time to perform a job safely
    • Follow established safety procedures and protocol at ALL times
    • Every employee has the right to refuse to perform a job or task if it or the environment is unsafe to do so
    • Proper protective equipment is expected to be kept and used by all employees at all times
    • Every employee has the responsibility of understanding and promoting safe work practices for themselves and their coworkers
    • All hazards and near-misses are expected to be reported to employee supervisors immediately

The foundation of EMS’s Environmental Health & Safety program:

  • A commitment to safety that begins at the managerial level
  • Integrating safety into our workplace culture as a job performance issue
  • Defining responsibilities as part of the Health and Safety Program
  • Recognizing that a process for hazard recognition, evaluation, and control encompassing all employees and mandating their participation in the continued development of our Health and Safety Program

In order to promote safety awareness, EMS:

  • All employees are provided with an individualized training program, tailored to their previous education, experience and job description.
  • EMS Group Safety Minutes – conducted on site by supervisors daily and at the beginning of all meeting
  • Supervisors conduct & document weekly safety inspections and perform unannounced safety audits at random
  • Safety Forms:
    • Health and safety plans
    • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
    • Near Misses Reporting – helps identify unsafe conditions & establish safety control measures before a serious injury occurs

At EMS Group we consider our dedication to safety and the environment vital in ensuring the ongoing success of our business as well as that of our clients.